Renowned popular artist Rafiq Subaie ( Abu Sayah) passes away at age of 86

Damascus, SANA-Renowned, popular artist Rafiq Subaie known as ( Abu Sayah) passed away at the age of 86 in Damascus on Thursday.

Subaie was honored twice by the late President Hafiz al-Assad who granted him title of
(People’s Artist) and by President Bashar al-Assad who awarded him the Syrian Order of Merit of Excellent Degree in 2008.

The late actor was porn in Damascus in 1930 and began working in the theater at the end of the forties of the last century and after a short while he embodied the character of “Abu Sayah” in a series of radio dramas that broadcast from Damascus Radio.

Subaie was one of the pioneers of cinema, television, radio and theater in Syria as he played 55 films, tens of significant roles in TV series throughout his long artistic career.

He played many popular series and films with famous actor Dureid Laham and late actor Nihad Qala’e.

The late suffered last year from a break in his pelvis when he fell in his home then he conducted a number of surgical operations, most recently in a short period before his death.


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