Al-Manara University opened in Lattakia

Lattakia, SANA- Under the patronage of Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the University of al- Manara was opened on Sunday during a ceremony in its temporary headquarter in the Tenth Project area in Lattakia city.

The University is one of the Syrian Trust for Development projects and is a new educational landmark to be joined to other Syrian universities.

In a speech during the ceremony, Higher Education Minister Atef Naddaf said that the opening of al-Manara University comes in response to the terrorist war waged against Syria, hailing the active role of the civil establishments, especially the Syria Trust for Development, which aims through the opening of this university to prepare a generation that is able to rebuild its country.


The minister expressed his confidence that al-Manara University will be a living example that contributes to the public welfare and bolstering national economy.
He affirmed that the continued support of Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Syria Trust for Development, has contributed to establishing this university.

For his part, Mohamed Maher al-Mojtahed, Rector of al-Manara University, said that opening the University came as a testament to the ability of the Syrians to rebuild what has been destroyed by the terrorist war, adding that the University is based on following the normative foundations of international rules in the field of higher education in cooperation with international establishments in this field.

He noted that al-Manara University has a number of disciplines, including pharmacy, architecture, mechatronics, finance management, banking, marketing, electronic commerce, tourism and hotel administration, adding that preparations are underway to launch other disciplines at the beginning of the second semester such as health science, health care and arts.

He pointed out that a part of the university’s revenues will be allocated to develop its facilities, educational and developmental activities in addition to offering scholarships for students and the families of martyrs and the wounded.

Earlier, Higher Education Minister inspected the University’s departments, facilities and equipment and the services provided to students and the teaching staffs.

Manar al-Freih/Manal

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