Mikdad: Syrian-Russian relations at an all time high

Damascus, SANA-Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said the Syrian-Russian relations have reached “highest levels of solidarity” to put an end to a war unprecedented in history led by the US.

Mikdad was speaking during al-Baath Dialogue Forum dedicated to discuss the Russian presence in Syria one year after the start of Russia’s participation in the war against terrorism.

“It is wrong to speak of values in the foreign or general policies of successive US administrations, contrary to Russian friends who seek to forge partnerships for leading a world which cannot be led by a unilateral power or an ideology that seeks to plunder the wealth of nations,” he said.

Russia came to Syria upon an official request by the Syrian government prompted by its feeling that terrorism striking it won’t only reach Russia but will become a global phenomenon, Mikdad added, affirming that “the slightest Russian action” is done in coordination with the Syrian leadership out of respect for international law and the UN Charter.

“The presence of the Russians at Hmeimim airport and in Tartous is in the framework Syrian-Russian relations which should be further deepened,” he said.

Mikdad saw that the Russian support has put an end to Western interference in the Syrian internal affairs, recalling that the Russian Federation has used veto five times in favor of Syria, a procedure he said happens only when “necessity dictates it.”

Responding to a question raised during the forum, Mikdad said Syrian-Egyptian ties could potentially develop as “Egypt can play a significant role in the region.”

Mikdad: Turkish regime behind tension in the region

Meanwhile, Dr. Mikdad called on the Turkish regime to withdraw Turkish forces from Syria immediately.

Speaking to al-Mayadeen TV Channel, Dr. Mikdad said the Turkish regime is “behind all the current tensions in the region”, affirming that “the situation will not be normal as long as Turkey is occupying Syrian territories.”

Mikdad blamed the Turkish regime for “sabotaging Syrian-Turkish relations” which he said was done before the start of the war against Syria, adding the Turkish regime has mobilized terrorists and provided them with support for destroying Syria.

On August 24, Turkish forces pushed deep into northern Syria in an overt support for terrorist militias under the pretext of fighting ISIS, a move Syria dismissed as a “blatant breach of sovereignty.”


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