People’s Assembly discusses performance of Communications and Technology Ministry

Damascus, SANA-People’s Assembly held on Wednesday its sixth session of the second ordinary round, chaired by Speaker Hadiyeh Abbas, discussing the performance of Communications and Technology Ministry and issues related to its work.

The Assembly’s members called for securing the internet service to all areas, resolving the problems of poor communications and telephone services and taking advantage of partnership in providing new services for citizens.

In turn, Minister of Communications and Technology Dr. Ali al-Zafir stressed the role of the communication sector in propping up economy, adding that the revenues of the Syrian Telecom for the next year is expected to reach SYP 54 billion.

He pointed out that the number of the internet gates increased to 1.100.000 gates at the end of 2015, adding that the ministry is ready to apply 400.000 gates at the end of next March which raises the gates’ total number to 1.5 million.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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