13,000 food packages distributed in Hasaka, new quantities of aid arrive at Qamishli Airport

Hasaka, SANA- Over the past week, the Relief Subcommittee in Hasaka province distributed 13,000 food packages provided by the World Food Program “WFP”.

Chairman of the Facilitations Unit at the Committee Elias al-Zaher told SANA reporter that the packages were distributed to the displaced families and those who are in need in the cities and areas of al-Hasaka, al-Qamishli, al-Houl, al-Dirbasyieh, Amouda, al-Qahtanyieh, al-Jawadyieh, Ma’abada, al-Malkyieh, al-Ya’aroubyieh and Tal Tamer.

Al-Zaher added that distributing the packages was done through the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), Hasaka Brach and a number of charities according to the available data.

In the same context, two planes arrived at al-Qamishli International Airport loaded with foodstuffs sent by the WFP to Hasaka province through the air bridge which transports the aid through Damascus International Airport.

Director of the WFP bureau in Qamishli Afraa Nouh told SANA reporter that two planes loaded with 1,500 packages of foodstuffs and 1,950 bags of bulgur, 1,500 bags of rice and 802 packages of oil, indicating that transporting the humanitarian aid will continue till fulfilling the decided plan.

The WFP has provided 30,000 food packages to Hasaka province since the air bridge was launched last September 9th.

R.J/ Ghossoun

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