Al-Halaqi opens and lays foundation stones of number of vital projects in Tartous

Tartous, SANA – Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi opened on Friday a number of vital and development projects and laid the foundation stones for others in Tartous province.

The inaugurated projects, which are worth SYP17 billion, include the power converter station of the Electricity Company in Tartous with a total value of SYP 2.302 billion, and the project of expanding the Justice Palace in Tartous with a total value estimated at SYP 2.5 billion.

Premier al-Halaqi also opened al-Rawda power converter station with an estimated total value of SYP 2.5 billion.

Al-Halaqi laid the foundation stone of the Water Treatment Plant Project of al-Qaliaa/al-Dilbeh with a total value estimated at SYP 2.2 billion.

The premier also inaugurated the project of al-Mashreq Hospital with a total value estimated at SYP 6 billion. The hospital covers a total area of 7500 square meters and consists of 13 floors while the medical staff consists of about 150 members.

In a press statement, al-Halaqi affirmed that these projects will boost the services in the province in all sectors, mainly electricity, health and water resources.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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