Several civilians injured in Turkish artillery attack on Aleppo northern countryside

Aleppo, SANA – The Turkish regime continued on Friday its crimes against the Syrian people, instructing its heavy artillery to attack regions in Aleppo northern countryside in a flagrant of the international law.

Local sources told SANA that several civilians were injured in artillery shells coming from the Turkish territories, adding that the shells landed in a number of areas.

The sources added that the Turkish aggressions targeted the areas of Tal-Refaa’t, Maraa’naz, al- Alqamia and al-Malekia, causing material damages to properties of the locals.

Erdogan’s media has earlier admitted to shelling mountainous regions along borders in Aleppo northern countryside.
UN Security Council called on the Turkish regime to respect the international law, expressing its concern over the Turkish acts.

R. Milhem/Mazen

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