De Mistura: “There should be no pre-conditions for inter-Syrian dialogue”

Geneva, SANA- UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said on Monday that the inter-Syrian dialogue “has started”, affirming “there should be no pre-conditions.”

De Mistura held a meeting with a delegation of “Riyadh opposition,” at the UN HQ in Geneva.

Media sources referred that talks between De Mistura and “Riyadh opposition” delegation were held without any preconditions in light of what has been called for by the UN and International Group for Supporting Syria.

“Dialogue has started and we will deepen it on Tuesday and I see a will and a desire to achieve progress,” De Mistura said in a press statement following his meeting with al-Riyadh opposition delegation.

He added that the Syrian people “want to see outcomes on land and tangible realities for that dialogue,” affirming he has confidence the dialogue would be better than before.

De Mistura considered that Vienna’s two statements came out with a message that when dialogue starts, there should be Syrian-Syrian talks, in parallel, to cease fire.

He affirmed that it is not possible to fix a deadline for the round of the inter-Syrian dialogue as this issue is related to the desire of the participating sides.

De Mistura pointed out that he is a dialogue facilitator .. and discusses with the people I meet what they tell me and what they would do for the Syrian people.. adding “that’s why I do not discuss “who represents the government and who represents the opposition”.

The UN envoy denied receiving any list of detainees as the opposition claimed it had handed one.


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