President al-Assad phones commander of Kwairis Airport and leader of the force that broke the blockade on it

Aleppo, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday phoned commander of Kwairis Airport, Major General Munzer Zammam and leader of the military force that broke the blockade on the airport, Colonel Suhail al-Hassan.

President al-Assad told the airport Commander that “You have fought, withstood and you were a good example for heroism, courage and a brilliant image in the history of the Army’s heroism.”

The President added “Your steadfastness, for years, was good evidence on your confidence in the Syrian Arab army and its heroic soldiers and your comrades, so you were confident in the victory and confident that the siege will end sooner or later.”

President al-Assad also told Colonel al-Hassan “Your strength, courage and the sacrifices of heroes who were with you were a good example on the faith of the Syrian Arab Army in defending the Homeland’s soil and an example in sacrifice.”

His Excellency saluted all soldiers and offered condolences on all martyrs, adding that the safety of the soldiers is the top priority of the Syrian leadership.

Kwairis Airport Commander: We crushed the terrorists as we promised

Later in a telephone interview with the Syrian TV Channel, Gen. Zammam said President al-Assad’s phone call raised the morale of the army personnel and boosted their determination and steadfastness in the face of the terrorists.

He stressed that the soldiers at the airport have their spirits soaring high, clarifying that those who lived the circumstances of a siege for more than three years with high morale are now stronger than before with the siege now broken.

“Those who have the will and confidence in victory will absolutely triumph in the end,” Gen. Zammam said.

“We had given a word and told the terrorists that they would be crushed under our heroes’ feet, and this is what happened,” he added.

M.Nassr/Mazen/R. Milhem/H. Said

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