Chinese official meets three delegations of internal opposition

Damascus, SANA- Secretary General of Solidarity party Mohammed Abu Qassem said that the Director General of West Asian and North African Affairs Department at the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wong Li, met on Tuesday three delegations from the internal opposition separately.

“The meetings which were held, upon the Chinese ‘ embassy request, with the delegations of the Coordination Commission, Democratic Work Commission and Secretary General of the Solidarity party dealt with the latest developments in Syria and means of having the political solution a success, synchronizing with fighting terrorism, mainly the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations in addition to finding a partner from the internal opposition to work with the authority,” A statement by the Solidarity party said in.

Responding to a question about Russia joining the track of the Syrian crisis, members of the Solidarity delegation said “if the Russian step came to fight terrorism, represented by ISIS, we would welcome it”, according to Abu Qassem.

“What has been proposed during the meeting will be conveyed to the Chinese Foreign Ministry to put China’s new strategy towards the crisis in Syria and help find the political solution in parallel with fighting terrorism,” the statement quoted Li as saying.


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