Russian military source: Russian surveillance ship en route to Syrian coast

Moscow, SANA-A Russian military source said that the Russian ship Vasily Tatishchev left the Baltic Sea heading towards the eastern side of the Mediterranean.

The military source told reporters in the city of Kaliningrad on Monday that the ship headed towards the Syrian coast where it will join a group of ships in the eastern side of the Mediterranean to enhance capacities in accordance with their specialized tasks.

The ship’s crew will observe the situation and monitor its details in the Syrian airspace as well as in the spaces of all the surrounding countries and regional water, the source added.

The source stressed that such a trip by ships from the Baltic Sea Fleet is a normal routine mission for monitoring and observing, pointing out that those ships once successfully monitored the war in Yugoslavia.

The Russian Black Sea fleet announced earlier on Monday that a group of Russian ships carried out maneuvers with rockets and canons in the Mediterranean as the Russian Defense Ministry announced the start of the final test of readiness for the Russian armed forces with the participation of about 300 military units across Russia.

Qabas/ Manal

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