Washington’s crimes in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan constitute war crimes, Lindorff says

Washington, SANA-The US writer Dave Lindorff slammed the United Nations General Assembly’s compliance with American and Western pressures to suspend Russia’s membership in the Human Rights Council, while the General Assembly ignores crimes and outlaw practices committed by the US administrations over decades in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and others countries.

In an article published by the Eurasia Review website, Lindorff mentioned examples of Washington’s violations, including the repeated air aggression on Syrian territory under the orders of former US President Donald Trump, stressing that these attacks are war crimes and Syria poses no threat to the US.

The US military presence in Syria too has never been authorized by the United Nations, Lindorff indicated.

He added that it is the same thing when George W. Bush, who ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, using Western allegations that Baghdad possessed weapons of mass destruction as a pretext.

He pointed out that the extent of the destruction that occurred in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian military operation appears to be very slight in comparison to the destruction caused by the American forces in Iraqi cities such as Baghdad, Fallujah, Mosul and the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The writer pointed out that all the illegitimate US military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and even Ukraine were never sanctioned by any UN Security Council Vote ,and these countries posed no threat to the US.

According to the writer Afghanistan is also one of the countries that was a victim of the greatest crimes of the US, as the American occupation of the 20 –year war, during which the country witnessed a state of devastation and destruction and entered a cycle of chaos and poverty even after the withdrawal of the US forces.

Lindorff explained that the US is directly responsible for the deaths of at least 363,000 civilians, many of them children, since September 2001, most of them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The writer was surprised by the ignorance of American citizens calling for sanctions and criminal proceedings against Russia , but not for the US successive administrations that committed crimes under the pretext of defending their security.

Bushra Dabin /  Shaza Qreima

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