Phone call between two Ukrainian intelligence officers about preparations to kill civilians

Moscow, SANA- The Russian security services have obtained a recording of a phone call between two officers of the Ukrainian State Security Service, in which they talked about preparing to kill civilian residents in Chernigov Oblast, allegedly for their “collusion” with Russia.

The Russian security services noted that the phone conversation took place on Tuesday between two intelligence officers, the first named Ruslan Bondarenko and the second Igor, according to what was reported by Russia Today channel.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry had announced that the Russian Signal Corps is actively intercepting the communications of Ukrainian extremist nationalists.

A statement in this regard clarified that the Signal Corps uses, in addition to the mobile security monitoring units, devices designed to capture high-frequency, multi-slot wireless communication lines to reach broadband wireless based on communication standards in the battlefield.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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