Peskov: Severing of relations with the West is not ruled out

Moscow, SANA- Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, announced that Moscow does not rule out the possibility of cutting off ties with Western countries as a response to the unprecedented wave of expulsions of Russian diplomats.

“Yes, there is such a potential risk, since every day we are faced with such hostile actions”, RIA Novosti news agency quoted Peskov as saying on Wednesday in response to a question raised about whether there is a possibility of severing diplomatic relations between Moscow and Western countries.

Peskov warned that the deportation of diplomats represents a decision that “closes the window of diplomatic relations”, stressing the need to keep diplomatic channels of communication open, especially in the current circumstances.

In a relevant context, Peskov reiterated that the weapons exported by Western countries to Kyiv will not help them prevent Russia from achieving the goals of its military operation in Ukraine.

Since the start of Moscow’s special military operation to protect the residents of Donbass, Western countries have considered nearly about 300 Russian diplomats as “persona non grata”, which represents an unprecedented campaign in the history of relations between the two parties.

Baraa Ali /Mazen Eyon

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