With Syria’s participation, “Expo Dubai 2020” inaugurated

Dubai, SANA – With participation of 192 countries, including Syria, the city of Dubai in the UAE opened “Expo Dubai 2020 ” after one year suspension due to “COVID 19” pandemic, and it will receive visitors on Friday.

Expo 2020 Dubai will be held from October 1 of 2021 to March 31 of 2022, and it is the first international Expo organized in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Syria participates in “Dubai EXPO 2020” under the motto of “Together … The Future is ours”, as the Syrian pavilion will provide a comprehensive view of the Syrian history, culture, arts and economy and it will be as a window that shows the rich and ancient Syrian civilization.

The visitors will get acquainted to several stations that display some of the most important Syrian historical contributions in human civilization , they will be able to have a look at original copy of the Ugarit alphabet, which is agreed upon as the first alphabet in history ,and they will get acquainted with the oldest music record uncovered in the world as the pavilion will concentrate on the development of the first agricultural societies in Syria , according to the organizers of the Syria Pavilion.

Hybah / Mazen

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