Presence of US occupation on Syrian, Iraqi lands impedes progress of peoples, Raisi says

Tehran, SANA- Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has affirmed stressed that the presence of the US occupation forces on the lands of Syria and Iraq impedes democracy and the will of peoples to progress in the region, describing the Zionist entity occupying Jerusalem as “the largest governmental terrorist organization.”

In a speech via video conference to the 76th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, Raisi said, “The American presence in Syria and Iraq constitutes the biggest obstacle to achieving democracy and activating the will of the peoples.”

Raisi said that America manufactures terrorism on one side and claims to fight it on the other, stressing that Afghanistan will not enjoy security if an inclusive government does not take over the management of the country’s affairs with the participation of all segments of the people.

The Iranian president also stressed that the Zionist entity constitutes a “governmental terrorist organization that adopts an agenda of killing women and children in the Palestinian territories and imposes a comprehensive siege on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has turned it into the largest prison in the world.”

Raisi denounced the embargo measures adopted by America as an approach in its wars against peoples, describing these measures, especially with regard to medicines during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, as a “crime against humanity.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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