US occupation continues plundering Syrian oil

Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation forces on Thursday brought out a convoy loaded with stolen Syrian oil from the Syrian lands to north Iraq via the illegitimate al-Walid border crossing.

Local sources from al-Yaroubiya countryside in Hasaka northeastern countryside told SANA reporter that a convoy consists of 25 tanks, affiliated to the US occupation forces, loaded with stolen oil from the Syrian al-Jazaara headed towards the Iraqi territories via al-Walid border crossing.

The sources added that the convoy was accompanied by a number of four-wheel drive (4WD) equipped with various kinds of machine guns related to the US occupation-backed QSD militia.

The US occupation brought out hundreds of trucks loaded with stolen Syrian oil and wealth over the last few months in coordination with the US occupation-backed QSD militia to the Iraqi lands.

Hala Zain



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