President al-Assad addressing armed forces: You were and will remain hope for every honorable person, carrying banner of truth, safeguarding values of justice and peace

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, has affirmed that the 76th anniversary of founding the Syrian Arab Army comes while the army personnel are continuing to give and work tirelessly and they are doing what they can to reach the desired future that we want, which is bright and prosperous befitting our deep-rooted history and honorable present, whose chapters they wrote with their sacrifices and heroism.

In a speech addressed to the armed forces through Jaish al-Shaab (The Army of the People) magazine on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of founding the Syrian Arab Army, President al-Assad said: “O men of heroism, honor and pride… I salute you with a greeting of pride and honor on your dear day which is precious to every Syrian Arab citizen who sees in you the guarantor of his security and stability and the defender of his honor, dignity and homeland.”

President al-Assad added: I congratulate you on the 76th anniversary of founding our valiant army, as you continue to give and work tirelessly and you do your best to reach the desired bright and prosperous future that befits our deep-rooted history and honorable present, whose chapters you wrote with your sacrifices and heroism, and you drew its feature with your belonging to the homeland of civilization, alphabet and history… Syria, the land of glory and honor.

President al-Assad continued: “O protectors of the land and honor, ten and more years, and you have written the most wonderful epics of heroism and pride, and adherence to the values and principles on which you were raised in the military institution, the cradle of heroic men and the birthplace of righteous fighters. You have remained resolve, and you have been the strongest and stiffest when the adversities intensified, and you were not easy, but you were the most dignified when others became humble and accepted for themselves humiliation and subordination.”

President al-Assad said: And because you are like that, the aggressors have tried with various methods of treachery and deception to undermine your steadfastness with all they could, so they mobilized their misleading and psychological machines and armed their terrorist tools, but they have failed, because you have always been and you will be forever strong, cohesive, united, brothers in arms, with all the meaning of the word.

President al-Assad added: “O personnel of our valiant army, you have been, and always will be, a hope for every free and honorable person…. You carry the banner of truth, preserve the values of justice and peace, and present the highest ideals of heroism, sacrifice and redemption.”

President al-Assad added: “You have the right to be proud on this glorious day of your belonging to the Syrian Arab Armed Forces of all kinds, which had the most prominent and most important role in safeguarding, building and advancing the homeland… and without the heroism of their personnel and their continuous sacrifices until this moment, no achievement or victory would have been achieved.”

President al-Assad concluded his speech by saying, “Let’s go forward together with the same determination in confronting this aggressive war, siege and terrorism… Let’s face challenges in a spirit full of pride… Let our Syria always be in our eyes and heart, and let’s protect it from the treachery of haters and let’s raise its flag in the sky of glory and pride. A salute of honor and reverence for our righteous martyrs, we wish recovery for our wounded, and victory and glory for the homeland.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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