Presidential candidate Abdullah Salloum Abdullah presents his elections program

Damascus, SANA- The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the Socialist Unionist Party Abdullah Salloum Abdullah called on all the Syrian to nationally unite to confront any problem or danger that threaten their country.

In an interview with the Alikhbaria Syria TV channel on Monday evening, Abdullah said that “he is a candidate for the Socialist Unionist Party and his candidacy is a decision by the party which decided to take part in the 2021 presidential elections and chose him as a candidate,” adding that he accepted this task from his party and he is committed to the Party’s decision.

Abdullah elections program stressed that it is not possible to get out of the crisis in Syria before eradicating terrorism and expelling the US, Turkish and Israeli occupiers, and Liberating the Syrian lands completely.

Abduallah added that this is necessary to guarantee a safe return of the displaced Syrians to their homeland and provide the needed services for them to continue their daily lives.

Abdullah stressed that any terrorist or occupier cannot leave the land without the resistance and resistance is required from all Syrians to defeat this occupier, adding the “popular resistance is the basis and essential to defeat the occupier which plunder the resources of the country, therefore this resistance must be backed by the Syrian state.”

He promised to preserve Syria’s independent decision without foreign dictations, and called for a serious fight against corruption that is presented in institutions and in people.

Hala Zain

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