QSD militia kidnaps more than 100 persons in Raqqa city and its countryside

Raqqa, SANA- Over the past 24 hours, the US occupation-aligned QSD militia kidnapped more than 100 young men in Raqqa city and its southwestern countryside.

Local sources told SANA that QSD militants set up checkpoints on the main roads and at the entrances of Raqqa city, and the two areas of al-Tabqah and al-Mansoura in the southwestern countryside.

The militants also kidnapped more than 100 persons and took them at gunpoint to training camps to fight among their ranks forcibly.

During the last two days, an armed group of QSD militia has carried out ambushes near a number of mosques of villages in Raqqa province, and they kidnapped more than 200 young men to force them to fight among its ranks as part of the so-called (compulsory recruitment) in the areas where the American occupation and the militia are deployed.

A civilian injured in bullets of QSD militia in Raqqa western countryside

Meanwhile, a civilian was injured in bullets of US occupation –backed QSD militia in al-Atawehenya village in Raqqa western countryside.

Local sources told SANA that militants of QSD militia opened fires at one of al-Tawahenya village locals in Raqqa western countryside, injuring him.

The sources added that QSD militants live in a state of panic due to the killing of dozens of them after the escalation of attacks which target them on a daily basis.

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