US occupation steals Syrian oil via pipelines laid in water of Tigris to Iraqi territories

Hasaka, SANA_ The US occupation forces, in collusion with QSD militia, continued to steal Syrian oil from fields of Syrian al-Jazira region as it recently laid pipelines crossing Tigris River in Semalka area into Iraqi territories.

Civil sources in al- Malikiyah region told SANA reporter that US occupation forces started again to steal tens of barrels from crude oil daily through 10-inch pipelines that were laid from Syrian lands in Semalka region across water of Tigris into Iraqi lands after transporting them by tankers from Karachuk fields in the northeast of Rumailan.

The tankers unload oil into oil reservoirs in Semalka region, then the oil is pumped through pipelines laid in the river into Iraqi territories. The sources noted that hundreds of barrels from stolen crude oil are pumped through these pipelines.

According to the sources, the US occupation forces also send dozens of tankers loaded with crude oil weekly to Iraqi lands through the illegal crossings created for this purpose such as Al-Walid crossing in al-Ya’rubiyah countryside.

The US occupation continued to spread a number of their forces in the oil well areas to loot oil and deprive Syrian people from its resources in coincidence with the unjust siege imposed on Syrian people to prevent them from obtaining of energy carriers, food and medicine, and to hinder the reconstruction of what has been destroyed by terrorism that the West supported to destroy the infrastructure in the country.

Hybah Sleman / GH.A.Hassoun

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