Civil initiatives to secure drinking water for people in Hasaka to ease their suffering

Hasaka, SANA_ With the Turkish occupier’s insistence on its crime against the people in Hasaka city by continuing to cut off drinking water from them for 25 days, government and civil initiatives were launched with the aim to secure drinking water for the people in Hasaka to alleviate their suffering.

Civil initiatives to distribute drinking water free of charge to the people reflected the state of solidarity and fraternity that characterize the people of Hasaka governorate, which was embodied in running tanks to distribute water in light of the Turkish occupation’s crime of cutting water and aggression on electrical transmission lines amidst international silence.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Director General of the Drinking Water Corporation, Mahmoud al-Oukla, stated that the civil initiatives, in addition to government initiatives, contributed to meeting part of the needs of people in Hasaka and integrated with the government efforts implemented in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, represented by the transfer of 3000 m3 of water per day to be put in tanks distributed on the main streets of the city center.

Oukla indicated that efforts are continued to re-operate Alouk station through communicating with international parties existed in the area legally to put pressure on the Turkish occupier to restart it.

People in Hasaka described these initiatives as stances that reflect nobility of the Syrian people, who stood by each other in crises, denouncing the human crime committed by the Turkish occupation against the people through the continued blackmail and using water as a pressure card on them.

The people demanded international action to put pressure on the Turkish occupation to stop its mercenaries’ aggression on the power lines feeding Alouk station, especially since that the water cut off threaten one million people in Hasaka city and its countryside with thirst, and a main solution must be found to neutralize the station to keep it working.

Nisreen Othman / GH.A.Hassoun

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