US occupation helicopter falls down in Al-Yarubiya town in eastern countryside of Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- A US occupation helicopter fell down in Al-Yarubiya town in the eastern countryside of Hasaka, local sources told SANA reporter in Hasaka on Tuesday.

The reporter quoted the sources as saying that “a helicopter belonging to the US occupation fell in Tal Hadad village in Al-Yarubiya town in the far eastern countryside of Hasaka”, pointing out that  10 US armored vehicles cordoned  the village, and the wrecked helicopter was transported by another helicopter using iron chains.

In addition, sources at the illegal US-led coalition admitted that the incident has taken place, but underestimated it and considered that the crash of the helicopter was an emergency landing and did not result in casualties.

On Monday, the US occupation transported damaged armored vehicles, trucks and tank on board 150 military vehicles and a tanker from the Syrian al-Jazeera to northern Iraq through the illegal Al-Walid crossing.

Nisreen Othman/Mazen Eyon

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