Foreign Ministry: Supporting terrorism has become a constant strategy of Turkish regime and West policies

Damascus, SANA- Syria affirmed that misleading campaigns carried out by Turkish regime and West countries against it over the past few days, have shown the extent of the great support which these countries have been and still are providing to armed terrorist groups, as well as the great investment they wagered on to achieve their hostile schemes to Syrian people’s aspirations.

A source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told SANA in a statement on Friday that exaggeration by Turkish and West media outlets regarding losses inflicted upon the Syrian Arab Army in the battles taking place on direction of Saraqeb city and their boasting about them constitute an attempt to raise the collapsing morale of terrorists, and represent an official acknowledgement of the involvement by Erdogan’s forces in the fight alongside the terrorist groups, as well as Turkey’s lack of commitment to its obligations under Sochi agreement.

The source went on saying that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army over terrorism with the allies’ support, re-opening the Aleppo-Damascus international highway, and regaining control over 130 villages in Idleb, Aleppo, and Hama provinces elicited hysterics by Turkey and the West, which proves that supporting terrorism has become a constant strategy of the policies of the Turkish regime and Western countries in order to reach their despicable and morally objectionable goals, which contradict the provisions of international laws.

The source affirmed that the Syrian Army that managed to save millions of citizens from the threat of terrorism during the past weeks, and it will carry out its duties in eliminating terrorism in all Syrian territory.

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