AIPU rejects any solution does not lead to declaration of Palestine with al-Quds as its capital

Amman, SANA_ The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) said that any settlement that does not include the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967, with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital, is rejected.

Participants in the 30th emergency session of the AIPU considered, in their final statement, that recognizing al-Quds as the capital of the occupation as a dangerous escalation that threatens the security of the region.

The statement affirmed that the so-called “Deal of the Century” represents a new chapter in a series of violations of the Palestinians’ rights and this requires closing ranks and mobilizing positions to support the Arab issue as a priority advancing the agenda of the joint Arab action through the Arab decision-making institution.

The participants renewed their rejection of any unfair settlement of the Palestinian issue that the Palestinians do not accept and does not stipulate their legitimate rights to establish their independent state with al-Quds as its capital on the borders of June 4, 1967, considering that the “Deal of the Century” is a unilateral agreement that does not represent a step towards a settlement.

They pointed out that the first step to confront all the conspiracies surrounding the Palestinian issue is to emphasize achieving Palestinian reconciliation to form the first front of the Arab rejection fronts for any liquidation of the Palestinian issue.

They considered that tampering with al-Quds city and recognition of it as the unified capital of the occupation is a dangerous escalation and condemned measure according to international legal decisions.

Political and legal efforts to protect the holy city from any racist tampering that threatens the security and stability of the region must be mobilized, the conferees said.

They also affirmed their rejection of any confiscation of Palestinian refugees’ right of  return and their adherence to international legal decisions as a reference in preserving rights.

They emphasized adherence to supporting the efforts of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and securing the necessary support for it so that it can continue to do its role.

The participants called on all countries of the world to stage a series of protests in front of official institutions to expose the ugly face of the occupation and to show the message of Arab rejection on the widest scale, stressing their cling to their position taken during the 29th conference held in Amman on March 2019 which rejects all forms of normalization.

The Arab parliaments are adhered to a firm and steadfast position that rejects and close all the doors of rapprochement or normalization with the occupation, they concluded.

Earlier, the emergency session of AIPU started deliberations in Amman with the participation of a Syrian delegation, headed by the Parliament Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh.

Representatives of 20 Arab parliaments are participating in the meeting, titled “Supporting the Palestinians in their Just Cause,” to discuss the latest developments, particularly the Palestinian cause and the so-called “Deal of the Century.”




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