Damascus Cables Company covers local market’s needs through producing 1200 types of cables

Damascus, SANA- The General Company for Cables Industry in Damascus has produced more than 1200 types of isolated cables which are made of copper, aluminum and steel.

Director General of the Company Abdel-Qader al-Qaddour attributed the high quality of the company’s production and its good reputation at the local and neighboring markets to using developed machines and modern technologies.

Al-Qaddour added that the company doesn’t have a large number of stores as its products are sold directly, asserting that the company since the beginning of the current year has sold 3,550 tons of cables with a value of SYP 11.518 billion.

He stressed that the company’s sales have provided a significant amount of foreign currency  in addition to providing hundreds of job opportunities, hailing the company’s role in supporting the national economy.

Over the first eight months of the current year, the company have produced about 3,650 tons of various types of cables with a value of SYP 11.843 billion.

H. Zain/ R. al-Jazaeri

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