People’s Assembly reviews performance of Communications and Technology Ministry

Damascus, SANA – The People’s Assembly reviewed during its session on Monday the performance of the Communications and Technology Ministry.

Chairing the session, Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh said that the speech delivered by President Bashar al-Assad during his meeting with the heads of local councils on Sunday showed how close the President is to his people and how aware of their concerns and issues.

Sabbagh said that President al-Assad is skilled in the craft of making history, and that the Syrian people are safe under his leadership no matter what difficulties and challenges may lie ahead.

During the session, Assembly members called for rehabilitating and improving communications services, address the shortage of maintenance staff, and improve internet speed.

The members also inquired about the reason for the lack of internet services in some areas, and about the delays caused to producing paperwork to citizens at some establishments due to network outages.

Minister of Communications and Technology Iyad al-Khatib talked about the Ministry’s work in 2018 and its plans for 2019, saying that work is underway to address the lack of internet services in some areas, while the problem of network outages in some establishments lies in the servers located in those establishments, which are affected by electricity outages.

He also said that work on fiber-optic lines is underway, and have already been put into service in Aleppo, Hama, Homs, and Sweida.

Regarding the shortage of technical and maintenance staff, al-Khatib said that 614 people were employed this year and were distributed among the areas that need staff the most.

Hazem Sabbagh

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