National meeting in Homs countryside to enhance unity among the Syrians

Homs, SANA – A National meeting was held Thursday in Sakra town in the eastern countryside of Homs to enhance the national unity among the Syrian citizens of deferent spectrums.

Islamic and Christian clergymen and dignitaries from all parts of Homs countryside participated in the meeting.


During the meeting, Homs governor, Talal al-Barazi said that Syria will remain strong thanks to its people awareness, amity, coherence and unity to confront the foreign-backed conspiracy to which the country is exposed.

For his part, secretary of al-Sha’ab Party, Nawaf al-Melhim said that everyone who hopes Syria to be destroyed will fail because the Syrian people are strong and ready to offer sacrifices for the sake of their country.

One of Sakra town dignitaries, Ahmad Awdeh, said that the purpose of the meeting is to deliver a peace and tolerance message among all spectrums, in addition to form a national and security fence against any foreign intervention.


Pastor of Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt, Father Zahri Khaza’al said that the citizens of Homs are eager to peace, security and they believe in co-existence among all citizens.

B. Mousa/ Mazen

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