Syria welcomes the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly on al-Quds

Damascus, SANA_ The Syrian Arab Republic welcomed the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly on al-Quds.

The source, in a statement to SANA on Friday, said that “the resolution posed a strong slap from the international community to the American administration’s policy and showed the extent of its isolation with the Zionist entity due to the aggressive approach and hegemony and arrogance tendencies that govern their policies, which lead to creating and inflaming tensions and the state of instability in the world.”

The source stressed that “the international community’s standing by the rights of the Palestinian people in al-Quds stresses the limited US influence and that the free consciences in the world couldn’t be bought by dollar and this should be a motive for the US administration to correct its wrong policy.”

“The statements made by US officials before and after the voting session showed the low level to which the American policy has reached, especially in terms of the threat of not fulfilling its obligations towards the United Nations and blackmailing the world to prevent it from backing the resolution.” the source went on to say.

The source added that this approach is not strange to those who have always supported the state terrorism practiced by Israel and provided various forms of support to terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.”

The source concluded by saying that this resolution emphasizes the broad international support that the Palestinian cause and al-Quds is still enjoying  in contrast to what is circulated by some Arab officials who are subjugated to the American policy.


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