“Jasmine” film harvests silver award at Int’l Film Festival for persons with Disabilities in Cairo

Cairo, SANA_ The short film “Jasmine” directed by al-Mouhannad Kalthoum won the silver prize at the 1st Edition of International Film Festival for persons with Disabilities, which wrapped up activities in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on Wednesday night.

“Jasmine” is a type of docudrama (documentary drama) which mixes documents with the story. It talks about children of Syria under the terrorist war on their homeland as most of them are living difficult and miserable conditions, whether inside homeland or abroad. The film reviews the effects of war on their dreams, ideas and their views for this ferocious war on their land, home and their school through conveying the suffering of children and physical and psychological disabilities that come into their minds as a result of the war

The film competed with thirty Arab and foreign films as part of the festival. “Jasmine” had won several local and international awards.


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