9 citizens killed, many injured in attacks in Damascus and Sweda

Damascus, Sweda, SANA-A citizen was killed while many others were injured in rocket attacks on Damascus and its Countryside.

A source at Damascus Countryside Police Command told SANA that armed groups positioned in Eastern Ghouta targeted Jaramana City and the bus station of al-Sayyida Zainab with two rocket shells, causing material damage.

The armed groups also fired a mortar shell on al-Dwela’a neighborhood, claiming the life of a citizen and injuring many others. Meanwhile, several rocket shells were launched on al-Fihaa area and the neighborhoods of al-Qassaa and al-Shaghour, injuring seven persons and causing material damage, according to a source at Damascus Police Command.

In response to the attacks, SANA reporter said that the Syrian Arab Army struck the areas from where those rockets are launched, mainly in Eastern Ghouta, destroying a number of launching pads and inflicting heavy losses upon the armed groups’ personnel.


Meanwhile, eight persons, among them a young girl, were killed in an attack by armed groups positioned in Daraa eastern countryside on a micro-bus, in a new violation of the de-escalation zones agreement in the southern region.

A source in the province said that the armed groups opened fire on a micro-bus on Haran al-Dwera road in Sweda western countryside, killing four citizens.

The source added that the armed groups opened fires and launched a number of mortar shells on Haran village, killing four citizens and injuring many others.


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