Russian Defense Ministry: Russian warplanes destroy 4 tanks, 22 vehicles and trucks for ISIS in Deir Ezzor countryside

Moscow, SANA –Russia’s Defense Ministry declared that the Russian warplanes have destroyed four tanks, 16 vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns, six trucks carrying ammunition and two fortified strongholds, including artillery positions overnight and during the day of Monday,

The Ministry noted that the ISIS terrorists have been trying to regroup themselves after a successful operation carried out by the Syrian army with Russian air support against their positions in Ghanem Ali village, setting up strongholds in Deir Ezzor and moving there the heavy equipment at their disposal, including tanks and trucks equipped with heavy machineguns and mortars.

On Sunday, the Syrian army with the backing of Russia’s combat aircraft killed a total of 800 terrorists and destroyed their vehicles near Ghanem Ali village in the eastern countryside of Raqqa province.



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