Khamis:  US aggression on Syria will increase the Syrian people determination to confront terrorist war

Damascus, SANA_  Prime Minister  Imad Khamis said that the US aggression on al-Shairat airbase in the countryside of Homs is an evidence on the confusion of the US administration and its blatant support to terrorism,  emphasizing that this aggression will increase the Syrian people’s determination to confront the terrorist war.

Meeting the Veterans’ Guild members headed by Maj. Gen. Adnan Makhlouf, Khamis  added Saturday that the veterans had achieved victories in the past and today their sons and grandchildren are making victory in the biggest terrorist war facing Syria.

The Prime Minister said that this great Guild includes the honorable people who fought in order to preserve the unity, sovereignty and independence of Syria, referring to the role of veterans in fortifying the new generations, intellectually and culturally as a result of the diversity of war and its ramifications into the fields of thought, culture and information.

He stressed that the government is going forward in dealing with the repercussions of terrorism on the Syrian citizen, developing mechanisms to reach a better reality and activating  the process of development and productivity, underlining the importance of enhancing  the role of the Guild to provide our armed forces with multiple services .

He pointed to the need for the Guild to prepare a developmental plan to keep pace with the government and state plan to build human and develop his cultural thought through seminars and the dissemination of positive ideas.

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