Tourjman: Syrian journalists have been in first trench in facing the war against their homeland

Damascus, SANA- Ministry of Information and the UNESCO National Committee on Monday held a workshop on the “Protection and Safety of Journalists” at the Arab Center for the Training of Radio and T.V in Damascus.

In a speech during the opening of the workshop, Minister of Information Mohammad Ramez Tourjman said “Since the beginning of the events, Syrian journalists have been in the first trench in the face of the hostile war launched against their homeland,” indicating that the Syrian media as individuals and institutions has been targeted by terrorists.

Participants in the three-day workshop, held in cooperation with the UNESCO Regional Office in Beirut, will discuss the current dangers facing journalists, planning the applied media tasks, methods of the personal safety in the field, travel safety, dangers of weapons, protection measures, kidnapping, first aid and the international laws related to protecting journalists.

R.J/ Ghossoun

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