Updated-Boroujerdi: All forces that entered Syria without its government’s consent must leave immediately

Damascus, SANA – Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security at the Iranian Shura Council Alaeddin Boroujerdi reiterated his country’s support for Syria and the Axis of Resistance in the face of terrorism, stressing that all terrorists must be expelled from Syria.

Speaking at a press conference in Damascus on Thursday, Boroujerdi, who is on a visit to Syria heading a delegation, said “Our delegation is here to reaffirm once again Iran’s support for Syria and the Axis of Resistance in confronting Syria’s enemies who have waged an unfair war against this country for years now.”

He noted that Syria is on the frontline of confronting the Zionist entity.

“We strongly support the independence and territorial integrity of Syria, and therefore we condemn any entry of foreign forces into the Syrian territory without the consent of the Syrian government as it contradicts the international laws,” said Boroujerdi.

He affirmed that all the forces that have entered the Syrian territory without the consent of the Syrian government or coordination with it must leave it immediately.

The Iranian official said the US and the Zionist entity have plotted and sent tens of thousands of terrorists from all corners of the world to Syria to deal a blow to the Resistance in service of Israel, noting however that the world, after around six years of this proxy war on Syria, has now come to know that this “demonic project” has failed.

Boroujerdi pointed out that the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism is a symbol of the victory of the Syrian army and the supporting forces.

“This victory represents a key stage of the war, and the countries supporting terrorism must realize this fact and know that they cannot stand in the face of the will of a whole people,” he added.

Boroujerdi went on saying that any sustainable cessation of hostilities in Syria requires the elimination of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations in Syria.

He highlighted that the role played by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and all forces operating within the Axis of Resistance is a primary one in the course of the war on terrorism.

Boroujerdi also affirmed that his country supports a political solution to the crisis in Syria through an intra-Syrian dialogue where solutions can be reached by the Syrians themselves without any imposed conditions or foreign dictates.

In response to a question by SANA reporter on whether Astana meeting would be an attempt by the Turkish regime to divert attention from the fight against terrorism, Boroujerdi clarified that the suggestion of holding this dialogue was made by the Russian side, which has played a positive role in Syria during the past years on the political and military levels.

“Therefore, we have to wait for the dialogue stage and see to what extent we can rely on the guarantees and the possibility of applying them…we want to focus on the political solution to the crisis,” he added.

Boroujerdi pointed out that his country has repeatedly criticized the Turkish attitudes towards the situation in Syria during all meetings with Turkish officials, stressing that the principle in the international law is a clear and direct one in terms of considering the entry of any troops into the territory of another country without the approval of and coordination with the leadership and the government of that country “an act of aggression”. “I think this is another episode of the series of mistakes committed by Turkey regarding the situation in Syria,” he said.

Boroujerdi added that Iran welcomes Astana meeting because theoretically speaking, it sees it can be implemented on the practical level, noting however that for ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations, the situation can only be settled on the battlefield.

He added that the statement of Moscow tripartite meeting indicated that Iran, Russia and Turkey will be the guarantors and supervisors of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Astana, noting that inviting other countries could happen through discussion and consultations between the three countries.

He stressed that the presence of Iranian military advisors in Syria is useful and influential and contributes to ending the crisis, denying reports that there has been any request to reduce the number of Iranian advisors in Syria.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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