Rudskoy: Terrorists in Aleppo still receiving US-made TOW missiles

Moscow, SANA- Chief of the Main Operations Department of the Russian General Staff Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy stressed that the terrorists in Aleppo are still receiving the US-made TOW antitank missile systems from their backers.

Rudskoy was quoted by TASS News Agency as saying “”According to information coming from several sources, gunmen continue receiving modern types of weapons, including US-made TOW guided antitank missiles,”

He indicated that terrorists are also not abandoning their attempts to restore the routes of supplying gangs with armaments and ammunition in eastern Aleppo. However, the Russian air task force “is constantly delivering strikes against arriving reserves and formations with armaments on the approaches to the city.”

In the current situation, a unilateral ceasefire is senseless and will allow Jabhat al-Nusra and terrorists aligning with it to restore their combat capability, the Russian general explained.

R.J/ Ghossoun

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