Elections re-conducted after violations committed in some polling centers in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA – Head of the judicial subcommittee for elections for Aleppo city, Judge Asaad al-Hassan said Thursday the elections of the People’s Assembly are being re-conducted in eight polling centers.

Elections were cancelled at those centers after violations of the law were confirmed to have occurred there, as per Article 76 of the Election Law no. 5 for 2014.

The violations were committed by the persons in charge of supervising the polling centers, according to Judge Amal al-Shousheh, chairwoman of the judicial subcommittee for elections for areas of Aleppo province.

Re-elections, which are being conducted at a voting center in Hassan Kayali School in the old al-Serian area, started at 7 AM this morning and will continue until 7 PM in the evening. The same voters who cast their ballots yesterday will be re-voting at these centers.

The cancellation of elections, decided by both the election committee for Aleppo city and that for areas of Aleppo province, was announced on Wednesday by the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections.

Decisions to detain a number of people charged with committing the violations were issued by the Prosecution of Aleppo.

H. Said

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