National opposition forces hold conference in Damascus

Damascus, SANA-A conference for the national opposition forces held a conference on Wednesday with the participation of a group of opposition parties at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus.

Secretary General of the People’s Party, Sheikh Nawaf Tarad Al-Melhim affirmed that the conspiracies that have been targeting Syria for over five years are aimed at undermining its unity and territorial integrity but are making the Syrians cling stronger to their national unity.

Conferences which are backed by some regional and international countries and claim to represent the Syrian people such as Riyadh conference aim at undermining Syria and achieving what could not be achieved through war, al-Melhim said.

In turn, Majd Niazi, Secretary General of the Syria Homeland Party (Souria Al Watan) said that the opposition are the powers that refuse terrorism and call for a democratic peace solution for the crisis in Syria.

For his part, Mohamed Abu al-Qassim, Secretary-General of the Solidarity Party said that his party supports all powers and parties that aim at finding a political solution that realizes the aspirations of Syrians.

The participants affirmed that any political solution in Syria should be based on the principle of combating Takfiri terrorism and returning security and stability to Syria.

At the end of the meeting, the participants issued a statement which affirmed their support for any political solution in order to achieve the salvation of Syria.
The statement pointed out that what was agreed upon in Vienna is an appropriate form to start a consensual political process that could contribute to stopping criminality of terrorist organizations and reaching a pluralistic democratic state.

The statement affirmed that the participants agreed on sending a message to the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura that includes the names nominated by the conference for participating in any political dialogue about Syria.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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