Syrian and Arab communities in France condemn terrorist aggression on Arab countries

Paris, SANA- Syrian and Arab communities in France organized a supportive standing in Paris to express condemnation of the western and Saudi- backed aggression and terrorism launched against some Arab countries including Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia.

The participants carried the Syrian, Yemeni, Iraqi, Lebanese and Tunisian flags, calling to halt supporting terrorism and stop the bloodshed, as well as to respect these countries’ sovereignty and support Arabism.

They also stressed that the aim of this event is to express their support to the Yemeni people in the face of the “Saudi aggression”, carrying photos of victims of the raids launched by the Saudi warplanes.

The participants demonstrated backing to the Arab people in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia and their rights of sovereignty in their countries, stressing that the reactionary and Takfiri countries advocated by the international imperialism and Israel will be absolutely defeated.

R. Milhem/ Barry

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