European tourist group visits archaeological sites in Bosra al-Sham, Daraa countryside

Daraa, SANA-A tourist group of 17 figures of both Slovenian and Croatian nationalities toured Bosra al-Sham archaeological sites in Daraa.

The group visited on Monday various archaeological sites, including the theatre, the castle and the old city, and enjoyed the scenery that still preserves its architectural structure.

” The city of Bosra is a main destination for foreign tourists “, Tourist guide, Hassan Hinnawi, said in a statement to SANA reporter , pointing out that the tourists enjoyed the beauty of the ancient city and its monuments, which indicates the Syrian civilization.

Director of Tourism, Yasser al-Saadi, said that the Directorate of Tourism is working to encourage internal and external tourism, and is communicating with those concerned with the tourism sector to intensify visits, adding that the city of Bosra al-Sham witnesses recurrent  visits, particularly from European tourists, and this indicates the role of the Ministry of Tourism and Daraa Governorate in encouraging tourism.

The city of Bosra al-Sham includes 45 archaeological sites inside and outside the old city.

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