A Youngman from Raqqa city challenges terrorism by music

Qamishli, SANA– Following Daesh terrorist organization has entered the city of Raqqa, the 23-year old young man Harutyun Madarjian started the trip of leaving his city heading towards Qamishli city in which Madarjian managed to open an institute for music to be his weapon in the face of terrorism which has destroyed his city and displaced its people.

‏Young Harot, as the locals of Qamishli city called him, narrated his trip to Qamishli as it was full of fear of terrorism which dominated the city of Raqqa, he stopped his study at the Faculty of Economics, Harot decided to open an institute for teaching music, hoping that the sound of music would overcome the sound of destruction which the international terrorism has brought to the Syrian lands.

Harot told SANA reporter that he is unable to describe the difficulties he has faced after Daesh terrorist organization has controlled his city of Raqqa when he was obliged to hide in al-Rafea village in Raqqa countryside and later he was able to arrive in Qamishli with the help of some friends after nine months of staying in a city whose title has become “death”.

He hailed the amity feelings and the cultural texture that bring the locals of Qamishli city together which was a move to continue his musical project.

Finding himself yearning for the city which was the capital of culture, literature and sciences, but terrorism had turned it to a city of death and destruction, Harot continues his life in Qamaishli city, hoping that his city would return as it was.

According to Amnesty International and other international organizations, the so-called “international coalition” participated in the killing and displacing of thousands of Raqqa locals, and destruction of entire villages, and forcibly displacing their locals under the pretext of combating Daesh terrorist organization in addition to the crimes committed by US occupation–backed QSD militia through forcing the locals to leave their areas and committing massacres against them.

Young Harot is a story of success after a long trip of agony and fear due to terrorism as he represents the state of many Syrian youths who have proven that they are able to overcome terrorism.

Hybah Sleman / Hala Zain

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