Archaeological treasures from Jabal al-Arab adorn Damascus National Museum

Sweida , SANA – The antiquities of Jabal al-Arab which represent one of the pillars of unique Syrian civilizations, occupied an important place at Damascus National Museum where a separate hall was dedicated for this purpose called :Jabal al-Arab hall.”

“Successive archaeological discoveries in south Syria along with unique antiquities found in different Syrian cities represent live evidence that our country is the cradle of civilization,” researcher of antiquities in Sweida, Khalid Kewan told SANA.

Kewan added that among the most important art works which adorn the National Museum of Damascus are some mosaic paintings of Shahba city , paintings of glorification of the earth, justice, philosophy and education.

He went on to say that one of the most important basalt stones sculptures are Hercules and his struggle with a lion and his famous club of the Greek and Roman art, statue of Goddess Athena “Minerva,” the goddess of war and peace , as well as statues of Victoria, the goddess of the winged victory and Bacchus.

Kewan pointed out that many of the archaeologic pieces located in the garden of museum are from Shahba which was known as Emperor Philipopolos city , and ancient Qanawat city.

Hybah Sleiman/ Mazen Eyon

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