Syria, Russia: Illegal US occupation forces’ presence in Syria inflame tension in region

Moscow, SANA-Syria and Russia affirmed that the US illegal occupation forces’ presence on the territories of sovereign Syrian State inflame tension in the region, and the US bargains with the separatist QSD militia are illegal and illegitimate acts.

The Syrian and Russian coordination committees on the return of the displaced Syrians said, in a joint statement, that one of the serious reasons for stirring concern is the situation in the northeastern of Syria due to the US illegal presence and its allies on the territories of the sovereign Syrian State.

The statement added that the clear example on stirring tension is the deal signed between the separatist “QSD” militia in northeastern of Syria and a US company to cooperate in the field of extracting and selling the Syrian oil.

The statement stressed that those bargains violate the rules of international law and violate Syria’s territorial integrity, stressing these acts are considered illegal.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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