As Turkish occupier still cuts off water to Hasaka residents …. Suffering persists

Hasaka, SANA-The suffering of Hasaka citizens continues due to cutting off water from Alouk station by Turkish occupier in daily scenes and images that stain the forehead of the humanity with shame.

Citizens of Hasaka are on daily searching trip to secure a few litres of water to the families as the heinous occupier still controls the station that is considered as the main source of drinking Water to more than one million civilians.

Dozens of children, elderly people and women gather daily around water tanks provided by government bodies in cooperation with different organisations, but this does not meet the needs.

Alouk station is located east of Ras Al-Ayn city near the Syrian -Turkish borders and it contains 30 wells with a flow of 200 cubic meters an hour. The water is pumped towards Hasaka through pipes of 70 km length and 1200 diameter, but since the control of Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries on the station before the beginning of this year, they have stopped pumping water and cut off it repeatedly for long periods to more than one million citizens of Hasaka.

The station entered into service in 2013, taking into consideration that the project was built as a reserve, not strategic, but now it is the only main source of drinking water.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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