Rihanet Matwar village in Jableh countryside… A charming pristine nature

Lattakia, SANA – Rihanet Matwar village in Jableh countryside is famous for its alleys and their nice smell of basil and laurel, and its houses and entrances which have been decorated with all kinds of flowers after which it had been named.

Rihanet Matwar village is located in a valley overseeing the mountains of al-Matin, al-Salali and Qala’a Bishmal and it is distinguished by its charming pristine nature as it is surrounded by a forest of oak trees.

The village is 625 meters above the sea level and 22 km away from Jableh, and it is affiliated to Ayn al-Sharqiyeh township and it is surrounded by the villages of Matwar, Zama, Bani Qahtan Castle, Ayn al-Sharqiyeh and Falsquo, according to Mayor of the village Ali Younus.

The village is famous for olive and walnut cultivation, in addition to the fruitful trees and some kinds of vegetables due to the abundant pure springs.

The village also enjoys a moderate climate in summer, therefore, it’s a good place to relax away from the noise of the city.

Hybah Sleman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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