Japan and Germany do not recognize “Israeli” annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan

Capitals, SANA – Japanese Yoshihide Suga Chief Cabinet Secretary said that his country’s stance regarding the occupied Syrian Golan has not changed after the biased statements of the US President Donald Trump to the side of the Israeli occupation entity.
Suga said in statements broadcasted by Japanese TBC TV that the policy of the government has not changed and the Japanese stance does not recognize the “Israeli” annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan.
In the same context, German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, renewed his country’s stance affirming that Golan is a Syrian land occupied by “Israel”, slamming Trump’s statements on the occupied Syrian Golan.
German Magazine of Contra quoted Maas as saying that Germany’s stance towards this issue has not changed and it does not recognize the resolution on annexing Golan to “Israel” in accordance to UNSC resolutions, stressing that Golan is part of Syria.

Rasha Milhem

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