Thousands of women benefit from national campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer early detection

Damascus, SANA- The national campaign to raise awareness of the early detection of breast cancer has reached thousands of women of different ages in Damascus Countryside through health centers, medical points and hospitals.

Speaking to SANA, Director of Public Health at Damascus Countryside Health Directorate Suheir Jomaa said that the program of early detection of breast cancer is effective throughout the year through medical and clinical examinations in all health and radiology centers in Qatana and al-Qatifa clinics and the General Authority of Qalamoon Hospital.

She pointed out that the awareness activities on breast cancer have been intensified through this campaign in the health centers and outside.

More than 1500 lecture in the health centers and 950 outside them have been given since the beginning of this month, according to Jomaa.

This year’s campaign witnessed a great turnout as a result of the intensification of awareness activities through the media outlets and social media pages.

She affirmed that the results of the tests were “intact in most cases”, indicating that the discovered lumps may not be cancerous, but healthy tumors or cysts and others.

The national campaign will continue its activities until the end of October which is the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month as this type of cancer is the most common one among women globally and locally.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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