Russia: Syrian army’s operation in Ghouta won’t oppose UNSC Resolution NO.2401

New York, SANA-Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia said that the Syrian army’s counter-terrorism operation in Ghouta doesn’t oppose UN Security Council Resolution No. 2401.

Nebenzia, during a session of the UN Security Council on the situation in Syria held Monday, said that the Syrian government has the full right to defend the security of its citizens, to confront terrorist organizations and to confront threats to citizens, noting that “the suburbs of Damascus cannot remain under the terrorists’ control.”

He said that Russia is exerting special efforts to implement the UNSC Resolution No. 2401 as it calls on its Western partners to exert real influence on the groups that they support and sponsor instead of continuing to accuse Syria and Russia.

Since the adoption of Resolution No.2401, the number of victims due to the terrorists’ shelling on Damascus has reached dozens, while hundreds others were injured and hospitals such as Tishreen and Al-Biruni were bombed, he said.

He added that the humanitarian corridors had been opened to evacuate civilians from al-Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside and to bring in humanitarian aid, “yet the terrorists bombarded these corridors.”

Terrorists opened fire on demonstrations which took streets in the Eastern Ghouta demanding them to leave their towns, he said.
“We have information about provocative operations in al-Ghouta to accuse the Syrian government of launching a chemical attack there,” he added.


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