Lavrientyev: Russia sent invitations to a number of countries to attend Congress in Sochi

Moscow, SANA-Russian President’s Special Representative for Syria, Alexander Lavrientyev, said that Russia sent invitations to a number of Arab and Foreign countries to attend Syrian National Dialogue Conference of Sochi on January 29th -30th.

“The invitations were sent by the name of the guarantor states Russia, Iran and Turkey to Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon and Kazakhstan,” Lavrientyev said according to RT.

He added that the invitations were also sent to the UN representatives and observers from the US, China, Britain, and France.

According to Lavrientyev, the conference aims to support the inter-Syrian dialogue and pave the way for restoring peace, safety and security as well as preserving the country’s territorial integrity.

Maya Dayoub/Mazen

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