Presidency of Syrian Arab Republic: US aggression is reckless and irresponsible act

Damascus, SANA-Presidency of Syrian Arab Republic affirmed on Friday that the US aggression on al-Shairat Airport in the countryside of Homs is a reckless and irresponsible act that only reflects a short-sightedness, a narrow horizon, and a political and military blindness.

In a statement , the Presidency said: ” In an unjust and arrogant aggression, the United States targeted at down on Friday the airport of al-Shairat in the countryside of Homs,”

” Targeting an airport of a sovereign state by the US is an outrageous act that clarifies in conclusive evidence once again what Syria has been saying that the succession of  administrations of this regime does not change the deep policies of its entity which is represented by  targeting states, subjugating  peoples and the attempt to dominate the world, ” the presidential statement added.

The Presidency concluded by saying that if the US regime believes that this attack has enabled it to support its agents from gangs and terrorist organizations on the ground, the Syrian Arab Republic frankly affirms that this aggression increased Syria’s determination to strike the terrorist agents and to continue crushing them and increasing the pace of action on this wherever they are on the Syrian territory.



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